Let’s Be Real…

Today my worst fears have been confirmed… Today, we all got to hear from a Police Commissioner, that ‘This is the new normal’. Ya, a bloody devastating massacre at a fun, music festival is normal…. Stock piling 18 or so automatic rifles in a hotel room for days is the new normal so much now that schools, business’, police officials, hospitals, emergency services and so forth have relatively frequent drills on the quickest and most effective ways to deal with a crisis of this magnitude because this is the new normal… A man living the so called “American Dream” going on cruises, loves to gamble, nice house in a nice retirement community, free to come and go whenever he pleased and ‘ enough money to live comfortably the rest of his life’ took it upon himself to remove the lives of innocent people for what reason? Just because he could? THAT IS THE NEW NORMAL.

Something i have been struggling with since having kids is this weird way of life that we call being “privileged”. Don’t get me wrong, social media is cool , new technology is inspiring and the freedom of speech is my favorite for obvious reasons.. But COME ON….. We claim how hard it is to parent these days because of all the bullshit yet here half of us sit at drop off on our basically mobile computer phones, still bitching about how much we have to pay to use it.. The kids in the grocery store or being pulled out of car seats screaming crying because they were just in the middle of “Masha and Bear” and we either don’t get wi fi in the store, or its buffering and now we are yelling at them for crying in public… yet you have someone take your phone away from you for two seconds and your in sweating panic mode… We have kindles, ipads, iphones mp3’s, dvd, dvr, netiflix, hulu, firestick, wi-fi, bluetooth, etc.. all these resources to ‘make our lives easier’ yet ALL of us struggle with anxiety, depression, and short fuses.. THIS IS THE NEW NORMAL…. All for what? A good picture that has a double filter, fake lashes and a slimming feature? Ya it got 200 likes but now what? Now when you look in the mirror and you see you with no filter, now your anxious and depressed… You let your kid sit and binge watch Netflix so you could get some stuff done around the house and yet here you are still screaming at them for re-enacting the Walking Dead, and being anti-social at school….We all bitch and complain because it’s so hard to be a parent now a days because of the world around us, when in reality, it’s our own worlds that cause the most devastation… We want stricter gun laws, but don’t want to give up the rights… We want our First responders and teachers to be paid more yet we aren’t willing to sacrifice any of our own paycheck, and we sure as heck aren’t sitting in the strike line with them… We want our kids to being spoiled, yet every time we yell at them for acting like ‘ brats’ we reward them by hunting down the last fidget spinner on Earth just so they can say they have one… We want the bullying to stop yet on EVERY comment box, bulletin board and T.V. station someone is ‘Anti-Trump’ or speaking their own free mind and the fight continues… We have taught our children and our peers that being in the spot light on social media, and having the best selfie is more important that looking past your phone at the friend crying in her car because her and her husband are getting a divorce, or the friend sitting on the bench having a hard time adjusting to second grade… We are teaching our kids that because we’ve been doing it so long that mommy can text and drive without it being dangerous because we think we are invisible…or that this text is more important than the question you have right now so “hold on one second”

Our ‘New Normal’ : Talk is better than Action…. Because behind our technology we are NON-GMO, we are ANTI-TRUMP and WAR we are ANTI-ANIMAL CRUELTY, ANTI-GUN,PRO-CCW, PRO-CHOICE, PRO-LIFE, PRO-FREEDOM OF SPEECH, , ANTI-BULLYING, ANTI-POLICE, PRO-BLUE LINE……

YET THERE IS NO ACTION…. the veterans, the first responders, the teachers, the Earth, it all needs us to be PRESENT. the mentally disabled, the sick, the lonely… they need a voice, they need a safe place…. they need us… us that don’t actually suffer from the anxiety we think we do because when we shatter our phones and are forced into a non-data phone we realize how truly beautiful life is.. how much of the real world is out there waiting for life to step up and save it.. That if we weren’t so rushed to get back to Facebook we would have seen the smirk on his face while buying automatic rifles…. and before its too late and silencers become easily acquired and zero’s are added to the casualty lists… Look at your child’s face and repeat after me… I don’t have to save the whole world… Just mine..because whether or not you ‘brought kids into this ugly world’ unless you plan on hiding in doors the rest of your life out of fear of Muslims, hurricanes, cancer, or the picture perfect retired American… you live here too. Something has to change because I WON’T ACCEPT THS NEW NORMAL.


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