Home of the scared, Land of the convenient.

Welcome to America, Home of the scared, Land of the convenient.

As news starts to travel about Bezos creeping up to ‘trillionare’ status, I can’t hep but re-read the line, “the net worth of Bezos has risen from $125billion on April 12 to $143billion on May 5” as written in an article by Marketwatch.com. I cannot help but wonder if the thought playing over in my head over the last 5 years may be true? ‘The more freedoms we have, the less free we are.’ This may not immediately relate to the statement about Bezos on the surface, but when I reveal why I think that, hopefully you will understand it too. Also, if you don’t care to read my rambling on why our convenient lifestyles will be the downfall eventually ( and its already starting to happen before your eye), go ahead and at least skip to the bottom PSA and at least read that slowly and maybe just consider sparking your logical thinking and putting aside any bias opinions you may have on “political parties” or agendas, and just read the facts. This Honest to God true experience happening right here in town regardless of intention of the advice given, still should not sit well with you. 

I will not sit here and pretend like I don’t utilize Amazon, I had a prime membership up until today. I found its convenience wonderfully easy, especially for a person like me who is always late on birthday gifts, or holiday treats. Hell yes is it nice to get my order in 2 days. But ultimately, when you truly dissect what that means, is it worth it? HELL NO. This has nothing to do with Bezos personally, and I don’t object to him working hard and creating his own fortune, and GREAT If he is investing in charities, and honestly yes I probably will still utilize Amazon once in a while, but it’s the principal of what Amazon and big corporations have done to our country. The Land of the Free, Home of the Brave. Where people are born and come with dreams of building their own empires, whether empire means annual salary of $20,000 or $100,000, this is supposed to be the place where we can work as hard as we want or as little as we want to reap the benefits of the kind of life we want. Choice. Choosing to work long hours to afford our dream car. Choosing to sacrifice and make a 3-bedroom house for a family of 8 so that we can afford to give our kids the dreams of playing sports, and vacations and have one parent be able to stay home. Choosing to decide what we do with our bodies whether that means choosing to have an abortion or to decline a vaccine. Where is our blessing of choice going? 

You might be wondering how this connects to Amazon. 

Before the world shut down, we were seeing small business thrive. We were becoming in tune to our neighbor’s dreams and we were supporting those dreams by ordering clothing, supplements, educational courses, personal training and so much more from them. We wanted to see them succeed at things they worked SO hard to build, plus we were benefiting from it with their services and products. Life was beautiful. It was natural, it was full of choice. Kroger or farmers market? Both maybe? ‘Boutique ‘or  Rue 21? Amazon prime in two days or take responsibility for forgetting a birthday and say I’m so sorry your gift will be late because I a. am terrible at remembering on time.  or 2. Its coming from a handcrafted small business and might take a little more time to ship. Where has our patience gone? Where has our accountability gone? We do not have to deal with any of it now because we can have a gift here in 2 days flat. We can use a credit card to be able to pay someone else to do our grocery shopping for us and load it while we sit in the car on our phones. Settle down, don’t attack me for that, I understand the convenience of having kids, or being immune compromised and utilizing a very cool beneficial service, but now look at us. We are not logically realizing that we are putting grocery workers at risk, so we do not have to be. Where is the sacrifice? We are putting postal workers to work on Sundays, Holidays and through the night so they can keep up with the demand that we pay monthly for. Where is the patience? We have now been locked down for so long that now we can ONLY go to Kroger, Target or Walmart ect. instead of small businesses who weren’t allowed to remain essential for offering the same services as Big Corps. Where is the CHOICE? 

We would all rather just lay down and roll over for convenience. No one even blinks anymore at the fact that new cell phones, with faster more “convenient” service rolls out every two months without any regard to where all that technology is coming from and had we focused all that tech and money into real or alternate treatments for cancer or illness maybe we wouldn’t be short of PPE equipment or true ‘anti-viral’ medication for all? Nope we all stood in lines mind you , during flu season, shoulder to shoulder with neighbors , laughed and joked, some even fought, for Verizon to open those golden doors so that we could trade in our PERFECTLY good massive smart phones, for the band new, bigger, better, more “reliable “ service, all the while the lines for the support for the wild fires, and the lines for the human trafficking and the lines to sign up to donate to the abused dwindled. We saw convenience and we saw greed. And we succumbed. When will we wake up? When will we DECIDE to stop making the rich richer while we are in debt up to our eyeballs over the very things they spoon feed us? We are more interested in getting our garlic presses, because our influencers told us we need one, in 2 daysthan think of the poor postal workers who have worked EVERY day for the past year without fail, without experiencing holidays like we get too and without any extra benefit? 

Come on guys, our fucking great great grandparents didn’t need fucking Amazon to make it through the Great Depression, they just needed logical thinking, two feet and a backbone. Start doing your own damn research and fuck the parties, fuck the bipartisan and come to our own logical conclusions. All the evidence is literally right in front of you being spoon fed by some seriously not so nice people with your “general benefit” in mind. If you think this is bad, just wait until the fall when they can use the momentous fear of touch, speech and emotion you now have and intensify that for something as il-logical as a virus. And before you freak the fuck out and tell me that the virus is real and its killing people, Yes, I know, I certainly agree that its real and its killing people but where the fuck were all your voices when the Flu was killing people no matter immune compromised or not for the last decade? Where were you when preschoolers were being hospitalized with dehydration because of the Gastro intestinal bug? Where the fuck were you when you didn’t even realize that the FLU and PNEMONIA are basically non-existent because of ‘protocol’ to call every fucking illness we see Covid 19? Where were you picketing making ‘over-dosing’ safer for drug users by offering them Narcan whenever they need it yet people are dying because they cant afford their insulin and epinephrine? Ask yourself , where will it end? When will we decide that as a country, we are generally unwell every single day of our lives from stress, adrenal fatigue, inflammation and living on work and energy drinks? When will someone finally admit on a political public platform that we are becoming, not ‘resistant’, but more and more susceptible to these EVERYDAY, one of 100,000,000 plus virus’ and organisms that are part of our NORMAL EVERYDAY LIFE. GUYS you would feel comfortable with “scanners and tracers” to detect a fucking virus yet when there were MASS shooting every other week, you CRIED at the thought of going through a metal detector at the store? What the Fuck? Um HELLO? You are fine with getting your temperature taken because the government doesn’t trust your assumption of health yet your FREAK THE FUCK out that TSA has to body search you for weapons at the airport? My God. I pray you see the logic and stop letting fear control you.

Just please consider stepping off your political views, put aside your fear and anxiety of overwhelming information and conflicting recommendations. Do your research on the virus, do your research on the people who financially gain from this pandemic of fear and ask trusted doctors and microbiologists for actual fact spreadsheets and ask why quarantining an entire population instead of only the immune compromised isn’t going to beneficial in the long run. Feeling faint when you wear a mask like I do? Be honest. Well there is a scientifically backed reason for that. Do your homework while you still have some ‘freedom’ to speak, choose and research and before everything is censored because where will they draw the line on that? Or just sit and continue to be spoon-fed perhaps bias opinions from political and media outlets instead of people who have made this work their life-long career of research. And no, I don’t think wearing a mask even during normal ‘Flu’ season is the answer. What do I think is the answer? Take back your damn life. Take accountability that you and your family’s diets might be more “convenient” than healthy. Make sacrifices for the good of yourself, your family and realize that more is not always better. What was wrong with the simple fun-loving life we grew up with? Eating unmodified foods (including fruits , veggies and plenty of now and laters). Be smart and passionate when making decisions that directly affect you, your livelihood and your future. If you or your child are sick, DON’T GO TO SCHOOL, WORK or THE SALON! Do you know how many clients we have seen not go into work because they felt ill and then still show up for their hair or facial appointments? Come one guys, we are so much better than this. We were raised to work for what we reap. We were given healthy bodies that are capable of AMAZING things on their own. Stop rolling over for convenience, stop giving in because your afraid of confrontation. Stand the fuck up before your forced to sit down. Look around you, does this look like America? Do you ever recall seeing a country choose to wear masks all year long every day of their life and then turning the masks into a “fashion statement?” Hmm.. If you did think of that country, ask yourself… did it stop the spread? Did it prevent disease from ever even happening if its so effective? Do your research.

PSA : Recently, an elderly woman who lost her husband from late diagnosed cancer in February that my family as been helping to care for as she cannot drive easily nor does she have any family or friends in the states. Upon taking her to her Doctors appointment Tuesday May 12th, 2020, I was SICK to learn after she came out a little upset, that her personal doctor, who also cared for her husband, suggested that he have permission to change the cause of death on his death certificate to COVID-19. We are talking about an elderly man who was diagnosed with incurable cancer in late December, given a few months to live, even with treatment and expected to sadly pass away from sepsis, wanting to be labeled as a COVID-19 death. For what purpose? 


Also called: septicemia

Requires a medical diagnosis

Symptoms include fever, difficulty breathing, low blood pressure, fast heart rate, and mental confusion.

Sure, you can call it a possibility of COVID-19 but where do you draw the line? If you want to go there by saying well maybe he did have it, before any of the cases were even supposedly “in the US’” then what’s stopping you from saying all Septic patients don’t actually die of that, and it’s actually Covid 19? Where is the fucking logic? Why will we need a health care system at all then? Everything’s Covid so treat and label it Covid, and everyone stay home because you will definitely get Covid and probably eventually die from Covid regardless of your status, your health or your right to choose.

Be Smart. Be well. Damnit

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