For so many reasons, Target is like the hangover from a night out that we relive over and over and over again.. In 8 steps ill tell you why… 1.) The pre-game : for anyone with kids, we know a trip to Target alone can cure any amount of cabin fever we have so while […]

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Don’t momma … 

Don’t Mamma. Just don’t. Don’t you go blaming yourself because your child got sick.. Don’t create an ounce of doubt in your parenting abilities because your babe had an allergic reaction to the egg casserole you baked.. Please don’t beat yourself up over the love you have for you kids.. Because in reality that’s what […]

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Me ✌🏼

You know what’s a huge load of shit..all the fucking pressure we as women have put on ourselves… Stop right there all you feminists… I in no way mean we shouldn’t have the right to vote, run races, or be connected to the human world… I mean since, I was a little girl, I have […]

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So here’s a topic we have been hearing and seeing a lot more about these days, and one that I have been contemplating revealing or not revealing. After much consideration and the good I hope comes from it, I have decided to confess my struggle with anxiety.”Anxiety is an emotion characterized by an unpleasant state […]

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Fuck you Internet 

5 Times the Internet Destroyed My Parenting… But I Still Won. 1.) Literally any article about parenting a newborn through toddler. I mean legit, you can’t get it right either way now a days. Sometimes I really do wonder what it would have been like to parent myself when I was growing up.. probably a […]

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” I want to do better for my kids than my parents did..” “I want to give my kids things I didn’t have when I was a kid…” Just some of the quotes we tend to find ourselves saying when finally having kids of your own… or hell, even when contemplating having kids, we tend […]

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What I Need 

At first I was ashamed of the recent revelation I have come too. I felt weak, and I couldn’t accept that it was okay. I was in a darker place and was having trouble allowing anything to come in, let alone make me feel better. It was there that I finally realized it. As parents […]

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When You Are Asleep…

My child, I need you to know that after you fall asleep I cry, I cry for many reasons that I’ll tell you why. If it had been a tough morning, a rough day, and a hectic night, And I yelled a lot, gave time outs and just flat-out was not polite. If the dogs […]

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