let it begin with me..✌🏻️

Damnit world.. you’ve let me down again.. You’ve ripped my heart from my chest and tore a piece of soul away from myself. Some people might think I am overreacting, but those people probably never got a call that used the term ‘bomb threat’ in relation to their child. The fear of those terms are […]

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It’s not you.. It’s me.

So I had a revelation yet again these past couple of months. After so much bitching and whining about ‘who am I?’ ‘what am I supposed to be doing?’ ‘why am i constantly complaining and comparing? why am i constantly searching for more? more of a meaning, more of an answer, more questions?’ I realized […]

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Gone, Brow 😂

Not sure if you remember in my launch post, but I was missing half an eye brow in that pic…here’s the story … As parents there is little that we do alone.. including sleeping, eating, peeing, dressing, much less breathing… We come quickly to the acceptance of having a sidekick or (sidekicks’).. We learn quickly […]

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Time… XOXO

Once upon a time, there was a boy who liked a girl.. she was terrified of relationships, and trusted no one.. He made her so happy, and she felt so happy.. they went on dates, he drove hours here and back to see her, she did the same.. and a strong beautiful love was created…8 […]

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What do you want to hear? That you’re good enough? Then you are. That your pretty enough? Because you’re beautiful.. That your smart enough? You never disappoint… What is it that you are looking for? Why are you beating yourself up? Why is this always a fight? Does this argument sound familiar? Could this be […]

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Stronger Woman in Me…

here come the water works… not only will my baby be 1 in 3 days, but we moved him into become roommates with Hank tonight.. although all 3 of my babes are literally 10 steps away from me, and they are all bunked up together for the world’s best slumber party, here I sit, crying […]

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Memory Lane…is not always good

So… I really began questioning my parenting this past week at lunchtime.. Hank was stuffing his mouth full of food as always and I said, ” Hank, don’t do that please, small bites..remember when you choked on that hamburger?” Petrified of choking and/or me gagging him with my index finger again, he spit his whole […]

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Pants on Fire….

It’s all a big lie. Parenting, that is… I mean I tell my kids more (white) lies in a day than I tell myself in a year… ” No Hank, Wendy’s frosty machine is broke..” , ” Sorry Stella, Target is ALL out of your size today 😦 “..”Sorry Hank, Target’s popcorn is all gone..” […]

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We Are…

This mother’s day, as I reflect on all of the reasons why I am able to celebrate this day, I suddenly realized who I truly am. On this day, I have to give thanks to my children. After all, there mere existence is the reason I am able to be celebrated for an entire day […]

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SDSH..It’s real

Do you know that 15 second gap where someone is telling you there is something wrong with your child, that your ears and brain just shut down totally, and what you’re hearing in your mind is nowhere near the real words coming out of the persons mouth? I like to call this disease ‘ Shut […]

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